Under Construction

(Originally posted on 2016-04-27)

Inside Balloon

Under Construction? Who uses an “Under Construction” page these days?

This site got the “WordPress White Page of Death”. Did I use my mad troubleshooting skillz to fix it? No, actually I deleted the site, and started a new one instead.

I do have all of the old posts, because I regularly back that thang up (where “that thang” is “my WordPress database”).

I will upload those soon, or I may decide to post them one at a time, as if this website is brand new (some version has been around since 1994). If I restore the entire database, then there may be some bad image tags until I fix those. Unfortunately Google probably has me persona non grata search-wise, because I am taking time to fix this.

I will delete this post when I am satisfied with the site.

In the meantime these are some of my accounts: