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Will the “Blood Moon” usher in the end-times?

The blood moon happens because of the relative position of our sun, our planet, our moon, our atmosphere, and ourself when we look up. Lunar eclipses are not rare.

People once believed that heaven literally referred to the night-sky, and that the stars and planets were literally angels. That's why things that happened in the sky were omens. We know a lot more about what's happening in space now. Our beliefs about the "heavens" were not accurate, and the same is true for the other parts of Genesis that contradict science.

"Theory" with a big "T" is an explanation that covers vast amounts of consistent empirical data. Theory with a little "t" is a slang word for "hypothesis". These are fact; they are not "just theories".

No, lunar eclipses will not usher-in the end times. If anything unrelated to outer-space occurs concurrent to an eclipse, it's just a coincidence.

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Red Trans Am – Heartland Park

Date: 2014-03-15
Event: Heartland Park Topeka Touring Club Track Day
This was the first automotive track day for 2014.
IMG 2688 Edit 512x341 Red Trans Am   Heartland Park


Lee O’Daniel at Heartland Park Topeka part deux

Date: 2013-10-20
Rider: Lee O'Daniel
Event: Heartland Park Topeka Motorcycle Track Day
This was the last motorcycle track day for 2013.

1 512x341 Lee ODaniel at Heartland Park Topeka part deux


Lee O’Daniel at Heartland Park Topeka

Date: 2013-10-20
Rider: Lee O'Daniel
Event: Heartland Park Topeka Motorcycle Track Day
This was the last motorcycle track day for 2013.

The New Hotness:

11 512x341 Lee ODaniel at Heartland Park Topeka

The Old and Busted:

1 2 Lee ODaniel at Heartland Park Topeka


Brian Bontrager Buell at Heartland Park Topeka

Date: 2013-10-20
Rider: Brian Bontrager
Event: Heartland Park Topeka Motorcycle Track Day

This was the last motorcycle track day for 2013.

flat800x800070f 512x341 Brian Bontrager Buell at Heartland Park Topeka


What’s this MM1 file on my memory card?

I don't know. My Google-fu pointed me to this discussion, which was mostly about MM1 files on a Canon camera that's running MagicLantern, which I haven't used... yet. Their was even an ML developer that participated in the discussion. Even in my not-knowing-ness, I had this to say:

-- YES I have MM1 files.
-- NO I don't have MagicLantern
-- NO I didn't create video on that card, so it's probably a RAW dump of still photo data in my case.

ML people: am I correct? I am making some guesses here.

I suspect that Canon's firmware creates them too, or maybe instead-of, MagicLantern does call some of Canon's code.

I always thought that the RAW files were created in RAM, in a RAM-disk-like structure, but if this is truly what I think that it is, then apparently not.

Here's why I suspect that MM1's are rare:

These days power buttons actually don't cut the power like they used to. Instead they send a signal called a hardware interrupt to the CPU. The on-off switch on Canon DSLR's does this. The "interrupt service routine" that runs when we turn-the-camera-off finishes writing any files to the card first. How that's implemented? I don't know. I never wrote firmware for a camera, but I digress.

But what would happen if I didn't wait long enough, and yanked the card out too soon? Yanking the card while it's being written-to would stop the computer/camera from completing it's save. If it writes the RAW dump first, and then packages it as a CR2 (with EXIF and whatnot), and I yanked the card out by mistake while it's doing-so, then I might have MM1 files there.

Why more than one? Maybe writing multiple RAW dumps first is faster? That's probably more likely than multiple files being written by multiple threads?

I never pull the card when the on-off switch is "on", but I can imagine myself switching it to "off", and then pulling the card during the rest of the write by mistake.?


Tragically Hip: Concert in a Fort

I saw the Tragically Hip, and The Pursuit of Happiness play at Kingston Ontario's Fort Henry for a School of Nursing benefit.

As Gordon Downie sang "Loose and complete under skies so smokey blue-green", I observed that the sky was actually smokey blue-green, I was leaning on a canon, on the wall of an ancient fort, at a rock and roll show, and watching sailboats in the Saint Lawrence from that very same wall. When else does a museum-fort smell like pot? No when-else

A conversation, in line, before the concert (as accurate as I can remember, this was over 20 years ago):

  • Ben: "Why are there old people here? This is a rock concert."
  • Paul (myself): "I don't know. Maybe they are related?"
  • Ben to Man-in-line: "Excuse me sir, are your related to anyone in the band?"
  • Man-in-line, "Why yes, I am the bass player's father. I am Dean of the School of Medicine."
  • Ben, "I am working on my Physics PhD at Clarkson."
  • Man-in-line, "I went to school with a guy that wrote stuff on Post-Its, put them together, and that was [the thesis for] his physics PhD."

The Tragically Hip's second record,  Up to Here, went diamond. A quick calculation based on a Google search shows that that-makes-it three times more popular per capita, in Canada, than Michael Jackson's Thriller was in the US.

Interestingly, or not, I was offered a position at another fort (recreated I believe) called Fort William Henry (as in The Last of the Mohicans). My job, if I had chosen to accept it, would have been to throw tomahawks at targets. No, I am not a real Native American. Most of my family has only been in the USA for a few generations. Yes, they expected me to wear my anachronistic eye glasses.

Here's "New Orléans is Sinking". That's the song with the "skies so smokey blue-green". It was released over 15 years before Hurricane Katrina, so it was meant as no-disrespect. The "sinking" is probably a pun about the St. James Cemetary, and having a rough time of it.

View on YouTube
Here's what Fort Henry is like when it isn't hosting a rock and roll show:

View on YouTube

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S. Orr, Porsche 944

IMG 7266 Edit Edit 512x341 S. Orr, Porsche 944

IMG 6273 Edit 2 Edit 512x341 S. Orr, Porsche 944

IMG 6846 Edit Edit 512x341 S. Orr, Porsche 944

I was so careful about avoiding the trash can on the left, that I didn't see the guy on the right (near the Corvette).
IMG 5701 HDR Edit Edit 512x341 S. Orr, Porsche 944


Grinter Farm North Field Panorama

North Field Pano1 512x155 Grinter Farm North Field Panorama

Free Desktop Wallpaper Multi-monitor Panorama

  1. Click on the image above to load a larger version.
  2. Right-click on that, and choose "Save to desktop", (or however that's done in your favorite OS and browser).
  3. In newer versions of Windows, right-click on the desktop, and choose "Personalize/Desktop Background/Span" to make the wallpaper span all of your computer monitors (or however that's done in your favorite OS).

Click Here For To Print This Panorama at RedBubble.com

Fun Facts

  • The family shares their farm's address publicly at www.facebook.com/GrinterFarms, and at krisgrinter.blogspot.com. The farm is at 24154 Stillwell Rd., Lawrence, Kansas 66044. Why do I have the address here? Hopefully folks that Google this address, can find this photo, and will enjoy it.
  • The full-sized image has 8790 x 2669 pixels of resolution. The TIFF version is 447 Megabytes, the .JPG version that's on RedBubble.com is 15.5 Megabytes, and the Wallpaper version is 9.92 megabytes.
  • The size of this image's RAW data was 142 Megabytes, and 108 megapixels. It started out as 6 images, each with 5184 x 3456 resolution.

Sturgis Porter Reception

I was really looking forward to photographing the pacific northwest. Seattle is near an actual rain-forest, that's cool. All did not go to plan. For one thing: I was sick-in-bed for all but a few of hours each day. icon sad Sturgis Porter Reception Such is life with CFS. For another thing: I had the completely wrong equipment.

We moved to a new home just before making this trip. My photographic equipment was packed somewhere, but I didn't know where. I wanted a small camera for day-to-day photos anyway, so I purchased Canon's SL1, which is the world's smallest DSLR.

I also purchased Canon's 40 mm pancake lens. Now obviously one, and only one, focal length, is extremely limiting, especially when it's a focal length that's not wide enough for landscapes, and not long enough for images of people who are far away, and in a dark room, but I thought of it as a challenge.

Apparently it was too much of a challenge. These are the only keepers, and I am not satisfied with even these.

full 31 512x341 Sturgis Porter Reception

Kay Kile

ckg 512x279 Sturgis Porter Reception

G., Kay, and Chuck

g 512x512 Sturgis Porter Reception

The Gersh

cs 512x341 Sturgis Porter Reception

What are these cats up to?

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The 15 Stain Bedroom Set…

...has too many stains for me. I expect a bed to have 2 or 3 stains at most.

full 21 512x512 The 15 Stain Bedroom Set...

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BOOM! (shacka lacka lacka boom)

full2 341x512 BOOM! (shacka lacka lacka boom)



full 5 512x341 Bee


Wasp: Stabby McStabberson

full 61 512x341 Wasp: Stabby McStabberson



full 3 512x341 Mothra


Mothy Motherson II

full 4 512x341 Mothy Motherson II


Moth and Sandstone #2

full 7 512x341 Moth and Sandstone #2


Moth and Sandstone #1

full 8 512x341 Moth and Sandstone #1Moth an


Hummingbird Moth

full 2 512x341 Hummingbird Moth


Hummingbird Moth

full1 512x341 Hummingbird Moth

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