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Computer Color (Photoshop) is Broken

How accurate is this video from MinutePhysics? I didn’t know about this, but it sure makes sense. The Interwebs are chock full of bad technical explanations; this video is good.

An explanation this good doesn’t belong on April Fool’s Day, so April second it is.



The Mirrorless Party 2015

by TheCameraStoreTV


Powder Portraits

This video is by Donh photo. They show us their Powder technique. Cool.


On Lens Flare

This is an awesome use of lens flare by James Briery (not my photo). James is one of the best motorsports photographers in my region.

I always appreciate the intentional use of lens flare. Most photographers use a lens hood to avoid lens flare, but there are artistic reasons to create lens flare. Video games even add it (by animating a series of translucent shapes).



“How to Photograph and Outline Hair” and “Say No To Green Screens”

Jay P Morgan, and Jolene, show us how to photograph and process hair for knock-out.

They don’t discuss the “green screen” option, but they do have a green screen on hand. It’s my advice to avoid using green screens when possible. You don’t want the green color to blend into the hair due to reflections, blurriness, or bayer pattern interpolation.

If green screens are bad, then why are they used? In the pre-digital days you used the green video signal–it’s on a separate channel–to control the chroma key. That’s no longer necessary. Green screens are still useful for automated video processing, but for stills? They are not desirable.


Bobby in Last Shot

Bobby’s a great: comedian, musician, photographer, music producer, and video producer. He does a lot of what I do, minus the computer programming, plus the comedy. In most cases he’s better at whatever. He’s also a great person to have as a friend.

Here he is in a funny ad for CBS 11 News in Texas (“CBS 11 Weather ‘Last Shot’ Most Accurate Team Promo”).


Dane Westby Final Ride

I never liked the “passed away” euphemism, and the news story’s name includes the words “final ride”, so let’s use that.

I never saw Dane Westby mad. It’s pretty amazing when an athlete gets so much joy out of a sport. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |


How a Digital Camera is Made by Canon

This video is from Canon. There’s a lot here. I like the parts about building lenses.


Focus Stacking

Gavin Hoey (for Adorama) shows us focus stacking for landscapes.

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